Why do people provoke eachother online?

“We write because we have too much ink in the cupboard.” 

Other than the joy of contrafobia, there should not be much reason to provoke people. I mean, if you´re not provoking just to create something good, or to solve a problem.  Why, as we embrace the people we meet every day, should we not create reconciliation and be active. What do we have which is not given to us ?

We have 90 years or so to live, and since we begun, we might as well live our lives as we are being loved. I mean, if we do not love ourselves, how can we extend that love to the significant other. And how, can we relate to the tension that is the reality of most people today.

Why do people provoke eachother online ? Because they want to set an agenda, they want to move boundaries, they want to control, they want to spice up life, they want to spread bitterness, they want to create conflict or they want to sell some product.  Or maybe people are hurt, and does not know any way to fight back.

Or, a timely example: On twitter it is easy to provoke people, because opposites attract and are sought for. Even though twitter is the perfect medium to learn, react and change – for some it will remind a telex of propaganda. But you are tested, on twitter, if you are too provoking. Is it worth it ? To not seek reconciliation with your enemies ?

And what about peace, can it be created just by the mentioning the words ? It is my belief, that in order to live and walk into learning we must hold the simple things as simple, and the complicated as complicated. If we mix these, let us say the complex things are simple, and the simple things are complex – then we have changed the rules of the game. And the game is almost forfeited.

So for the joy of the simple things, and for the swimming in the sea of complexity. Let us celebrate this technology, social media and blogs. Knowing that what is to be done know is to convince a bunch of guys of the joys of reconciliation. Not by giving up what is yours, but by changing the way you speak. And still, I am not talking about avoiding conflicts, I am talking about picking your battle. And the battle is for the good of the people.

– djhalleu

Norway, July 29th, 2012

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