The perfect church

What is this thing that people are looking for the perfect church. If I´d found the perfect church, I´d started running for my bare life.

The Bible talks about that we see the mystery of faith only like in a mirror and a riddle.

And Luther says the important things are clear, and the not so important things are not so clear.

I would say, as a christian, that all churches have their heresy and double standards. And if they do not admit them, it would be a strange church to me.

And how to check if your church is a true church ? If they are connected to other churches representing different theological mirrors. Yes, then I´d say they have some contact with humility, and maybe with Christ.

Unity – truth – reconciliation – love. It all goes together. And there is no such thing as a perfect church. Yes, wait, there is. The perfect church is the imperfect church.



Tired of carrying your preferences and your bibles around to find the perfect church ?


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