Knowledge, honesty and simplicity where religion meets society


This culture. I mean, the culture that wants a little tiny bit of everything, is probably ending up with nothing. We eat food from Thailand, we do yoga from the Hindu religion in India, we worship Jesus from the Middle East and we watch movies from North America. When we wake up, we salute our facebook and twitter friends from Nepal, U.S, Sweden, Indonesia and Australia – and we share a minute with people, and we may be time thieves. But do we care about the cultures we learn from ?

Are we shocked, that this culture is open for some serious trouble if  we stop the reconciliation between different cultures. We need to have a attitude of reconcialitation. And for that we need to respect eachother, and to respect we need to know. How can we have society without history, honesty and some type of simplicity ? I do not ask people to stop doing yoga or mindfulness, I am just asking people to have the same values as scientists and the rest of society would have had:

1. Knowledge and sharing of history
2. Basic honesty or fairness.
3. Simplicity or wholeness.

These values would be great to be able to have a society, to have religious dialogue, to have a conversation and to have choice, and to even have democracy. So let us take one example of the teaching of yoga in swedish schools ? Remember this theory is totally free of “conservative shit”. It is purely fair. And the background of the case can be found here:

(In english)

(In danish)–Uenighed-om-religioesitet–Svensk-skole-faar-lov-til-at-undervise-i-yoga

So to a basic platform of relating to semi-religious activities where religion meets society:

Yoga teaching in public schools

1. If you are teaching yoga, you must in every public or official place, for every session always say that yoga is historically connected to hinduism. Just half a sentence, for the knowledge and the history.
2. If you are teaching yoga, you must in every public or official place: be honest when people ask you. When they ask you, if it is or has been connected to religion. You can say not any more, but it used to be. If you deny it has not has originally had this connection, you are lying, and you are not honest to society or to people.
3. If you are teaching yoga, you must in every public or official place, and if you do detach yoga from the religious context, think about that this might dishonour the people you learned it from, maybe it should always be in it´s original hindu context ?
– Consider it could be wrong as you as a westerner to think you are better than them. I mean, why not take the whole package of reincarnation as a punishment from the Gods, and suffering as something inevitable.
– Who are you to change these concepts mentioned, just because you are rich, white and think you have better and more “positive” thoughts because you are “white” ? When you have confronted the racist in you, then make the choice available for others ?


And if you break these three simple values, how can you justify it ? Is that not a hypocritical statement, not the hiding of facts, but the loss of communication ?

Will you not risk to deny both the science and the freedom of the western society AND the honour of the hinduism. Thank about the indian history, the honesty of the wonderful hindus. Do you not want to take it seriously ? And will you not deny the simple lifestyle in which yoga was to be related ?

So keep sharing knowledge, be fair and be simple. And work for reconciliation in the name of those values. Then I can trust you. All I ask for is a friendly disclaimer.
Culture from Africa


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