Meeting conspiracy theories:


Johnny Theo:      Hello Neo Conspiracy.
Neo Conspiracy: It is not a nice day is it ? Trouble everywhere.
Johnny Theo:      I believe that you have some elements that are right, but your worldview and your method is wrong.
Neo Conspiracy: So you admit that there is evil forces out there seeking to destroy you ?
Johnny Theo:      I am just saying, alarming these “truths” without all the time mention the Humble risen King, does not spread much truth for me.
Neo Conspiracy: So now, you made a whole socialist theological theory to organize my shocking alarming truths do you ?
Johnny Theo:     No. I just don´t think you have ever told me the gospel of Jesus.
The end.
1. Of course there is always some truths to elements of these conspiracy theories.
2. Their worldview is often wrong, mostly because they convey either pure war propaganda, dualism, spiritualism, fearism or the worship of a certain image of a christian culture that probably never existed.
3. Their methods is often wrong, because they by their FEAR they seem to steal energy from the very one they are trying to warn against: the devil.
4. They seldom talk about our Risen Lord Jesus for the better part of their message. I mean when dealing with heavy things like the devil and conspiracies, you have to at least preach the gospel on every page. He is the truth in flesh, and a bible verse clearly states that he doesnot want to hear anything else from us than: “Christ, and him crucified.”
5. Because the FRUIT of the conspiracy seldom is proved to be good.

By the way. Label me a moderate-conservative or moderate. conservative.

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