The mystery of creation and science and myths

If you try to understand all the mysteries of the world, you will likely fail. Let us give it a shot, anyway.

One mystery is the creation of the world in the christian or post-church west, in our christian and western thinking.
I have heard all types of attitudes, attitudes of how to read about the creation the first two chapters of the Bible:
1) Read literally, bind revelation to ortodoxy at certain time and place, the earth is ca. 6000 years. (Eg. Some jewish theology, some christian theology, The fundamentals.) Leave science to fellowship or to individual.
2a) Read literally, forget science, add gnostic myths.
2b) Read literally, forget science, add christian extra-biblical myths. (Titus)
3) Read poetically, or psalmically – add nothing, substract nothing. Leave science, revelation, myths and extra-myths to the individual or to choice. Living, poetic creationism. Or mysticism.
4) Read apologetically, add science, keep the good parts of both as a quiet equal. C.S. Lewis: Creation as the true myth. (Seperate from the gnostic or extra-biblical myths)
5) Read critically, favor science, add theology. Keep open.
6) Read critically, favor science, add only small parts of theology that is ’emperical’
7) Read critically, reject bible, tradition and revelation. Science only.
8) Other religions.
9) Universalism. All science and truth have the truth. Truth is relative, and postmodern ?
10) Read critically, distrust science, distrust revelation, distrust tradition, add gnostic and renewed hindu myths. (E.g. The Jesus Master returneth in an ufo, God was just an alien, How can you NOW reject what is to come.)
There you got the ingredients. Now bake your cake!
(Extra-biblical myths about creation that Paul warned about, knowledge that cannot be confirmed by any biblical source and/or is likely to create unnecessary arguement or lead the heart away from sound teaching.)

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