If the moon has a half-sister, she´d be called romance, and she´d be calling people not to love, but to dream.


I am a man who writes this. As for how women perceives love, I would not know, I speak only for the guys. How we would like to perceive love. I am using Leonard Cohen´s phrase: “If the moon has a sister. It’s got to be you.” And I am asking if romance is true, in the simplified terms we meet it in our conversations, books and tv. And if it maybe stops us from loving, rather than help us.

 I´ve tried to live this concept for a while now, that romance has to be there in other for a relationship to start. That the starting point must be something like this:
Simply: A deep sense of passion combined with practical time to start a relationship.
Explained: Just like astrology works. Love does not happen until the one thing is aligned with the other, until passion is aligned with time. But life does not work like that. Love has to be fought for, worked for – and at the same time, it cannot be earned or bought – only given. It is a great mystery. And I could be so wrong.
But love is much stronger than astrology or other ideologies. As a book says it, love has almost the strength of “death.” So that is a stretch. 
And these things happen sometimes, but the stories of how people are meeting their loves are very different.
It is as if romance is taking away the mystery of love, not the other way (adding mystery to it). Because love excists, and in so many ways, practically, divine and between man and woman. But if the romance need to be in a certain way, I think I would go for practical. I think I would rather have 5% romance and 95% practical love. 5% dream and 95% practical. Would it still be love ?
Why do we treat love like this ? I mean, why do we simplify it so much. And I see that this alignment of romance is just taking away the mystery from love, not adding to it.
A thought I had: “So this the philosophy of romance, to simplify love until it is not recognizable or obtainable, and then forget the practical things..”
If the moon has a half-sister, she´d be called romance, and she´d be calling people not to love, but to dream.



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