All too gentle piano tunes


All to gentle piano tunes
in broken cathedrals
fade out
as the water for the tea
is boiling

It fades out as 
the name of our love
would fade

but it never lived

This giant "now and wait"
in the silent scream of
look how lonely I make myself
so silent that I get mad at you
and leave you because
this is not understandable

and I have never heard nor believed
of the seven no´s before the yes

And of these words
is the only song
where we can 
poetically rise

I choose not to be fragile
and you choose not to be silent
and your ears have never been
so careful to listen for dreams
as today.
All to gentle piano music


It fades out like the water to the sea
and the sea would not embrace you
if it was not for me

But I must find this way, 
I walk in shades
like you
I see the riddles before you
before you steal them

and I know they were yours from the beginning
that is why we can accomplish so much
and tear down so little

because we would never dare to

so these are the streets I would go with you

this is the path of my delight

I would build you boats of comfort

and the streams of light

would never seek to harm you like me

and I would never dare to.

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