#poem // How can we make


How can we make
a song
and a melody
on the same date
when we boys are set on attack
and the girls on delay

How can I wait
when my heart so quickly go
to listen to
someone elses song

How can I mourn
when you finally come
and return to our song
when my song is gone

the one that came along
on the date I thought was gone.
and I already moved on
to a rumour of a new song

And to revive you
from a name in a book
to forgive the lies that I took for truth
words that were shades of fear

An now it is you that comes near
and I already strayed
how can I explain
did we live the same day ?

I guess our only hope
is an iceberg melt in may
Time sing many songs today.
Mine is on attack,
and yours is on delay.

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