Layman theological snippets: Christian humanism ?

imageToday, I was wondering about some snippets of theology and christian thinking according to the values of human life.

We all mean that our own lives are valuable, so what is the value of others, and how do we define it ?

We have christian humanists over the whole scale of politics, and those who think above or outside it:
My question is: The way we would communicate all types of ways to value humans, in easy word, so everyone could understand it, for the good of everyone – but also to the glory of a good God.

Should we value humanity in light of creation alone ? Is our mercy towards people about The First Adam alone ? (Adam in the guarden, the incomplete man who fell, but was created good from the beginning.)

Should we value humanity in the light of the saved alone ? Is our mercy towards people about only the Second Adam ? (theologically) (The way Christ was human, the firstborn of a new humanity, the man who brought us back to heaven.)

Or should we value humanity in the light of both adams, both humanities, and both sources of christian humanity ?

Creation, salvation or both ?

Am I wrong, when I see that the church divides here. Let me give 3 ways:

1. A creation-only based humanism, that gives up on holiness but understands the incomplete.
2. A salvation-only based humanism, that gives up on the poor, but understands holiness.
3. A creation & salvation based humanism, that understands holiness and helps the poor, and understands creation of the first man, and the incarnation of the second adam.


2 responses to “Layman theological snippets: Christian humanism ?

  1. I think whichever approach you agree on, if at all, it would definitely be a promising way of bringing together common humanistic feelings amongst the religious and the irreligious. Morality can be source of unity in the two communities, not just division!

  2. Yes, that is what I mean. I think that there are ways to think non-political, and still find common ground. I do not think it is wrong to be selective,as long as you work for the good, and build bridges. And I think it is better to do something, than nothing. There has to be many ways to find common ground, because the cause, f.ex. to give dignity to poor people, is not only a political issue, not only for the left. And the right should not have to worry about working to help the poor and empower them.

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