Some hints of healing

BD5YldXCAAEQ0jR.jpg-largeAMAZON MILK FROG // “God must be the best designer in the world.”

Mary Pytches has been a missionary in South America with her husband David for 17 years before moving to St Andrew’s Church, Chorleywood.
She has been in Leadership in New Wine, and in Soul Survivor.

She has a teaching and counselling ministry and has written 10 books, including ‘Yesterday’s Child’, ‘A Child No More’, ‘Dying to Change’, ‘Who Am I?’, and ‘Rising Above The Storms of Life’
THEMES: Personal Growth, Therapy, Christ and Identity.

Her husband, David Pytches has also worked with her. Here is an image of both:



Women´s conferance:

MP3, For sale

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DVD / Personal Growth :

VIDEO, ONLINE: Other teaching by Mary Pytches:
The Kingdom and the Power: about the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

MP3 FREE, SERMON: Mary Pytches | Sun 13th January 2013
“Focusing on Jesus the Son of God”


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