Twitter poems from Spring


This is my twitter poems back to March 30th. They are all standing for themselves. But themes can be similar. Read them from the bottom and up. Enjoy!

Saturday May 11th. Going back. 

15 hrs
#poem Just me and Jesus, sat by the sea.. Another fair morning, by the Galilee. We were friends, we too. I told him sorrow nr 22. Shame.

15 hrs
#poem If control is my God, And I am starting to loose control. It would feel like I am loosing faith, but in reality I’m receiving it.

18 hrs
#poem Why am I so proud, it should not be allowed. I think I am alone, though I am with you. can I be alone with you?

22 hrs
#poem What has dating to do with Anthropology? Everything, my dear friend, everything.

3 days
#poem Love for the loveless, grace for the wanderer, is His poem for me.. Yet, His Word of hope to be, came to my Gethsemane.

3 days
#poem So many griefs that hit us,we ask not for help,nor bow,if only Christ could reach us,the balm is for you now.Walk These Loving Feet.

3 days
#poem Girl. On this This day you can start fading. You, of all, fade into the shadows.. Or you can rise and smile, be gracious for a while.

3 days
#poem So many high hopes ahead. Some of them must fall. Some of them will rise. It is not my burden to tear down. I was called to love.

4 days
#poem Thank God for all the humans. Without them – a rather dim world. Thank God for all the Birds, best reason ever to be silent.

4 days
#poem I HAVE TO LIFT. I have to lift you up, it is what I do. I cannot put you down, can I put you down, I have to create peace.

4 days
#poem So many poems I have written, that my life have turned into one. So I am not writing anymore, but I am living one. Gentle woman came.

4 days
#Poem We are trying. We just never seem to level up.

5 days
#poem He betrayed the highest law of love, the one only touched with a glove. He lied when he said he loved, no forgiveness installed.

5 days
#poem Have struck gold. Also went blind. Sitting on a stone. Playing guitar, except I don’t play guitar. I see you, but I hope you most.

6 days
#poem I almost can’t believe it, but what can I do? My God suddenly let all the prayer answers through.It is happening now, all at once,woo!

10 days
#poem The Locust turned backwards. It was a shell, but now it is alive again. Could a skeleton grow muscles, and become human and sing joys?

12 days
#poem Of these 3 life’s deserts, I walked the two. I’ve tasted the sun and the cold night too. Now I am just eating pink lemons.

13 days
Poem. Poem. Poem.

13 days
#poem This desert has so many books noone has read, so many thoughts noone took to bed, and so many shadows with no pillar of fire. Retire ?

14 days
#poem Too many joys & truths to meet. I guess this is why my eyelids not greet. The radiance when I met you in town, your eyes, face & gown.

15 days
#poem God is not ours. We cannot own him. We cannot lead or mislead him. But we can cry with him, like he cries with us. Jesus wept.

15 days
#poem You are like a bird, at least you think like it. What I see is a lioness and this really not me, I am not a lion – but a green frog.

16 days
#poem This summer with my cousins. The first time I tried a real synth. The magic world. A dream revived. A song alive. The melodies again.

16 days
#poem I was walking. I was tired. I sat down, there was a temple. I was interested. I went in. They beat me, until this time, this street.

17 days
#thought I feel I have developed or varied my own type of short poem. Two full lines and a word in the end.

17 days
#poem Just like autumn and spring, the church dies to rise up again. With faith, hope and love. Compassionate like a dove. Rising.

17 days
#poem I recall I my pride, and I bow in tears, The church, The Groom and Bride, from death, marked by tears, kneeling down in ashes. Lashes.

18 days
#poem I recall I my pride, and I bow in tears, The church, The Groom and Bride, from death, marked by tears, kneeling down in ashes. Lashes.

20 days
#poem Why do I dig these broken sources, and form these clay gods, when I know that my Jesus came running for me once. Rest, he says, rest.

21 days
#Poem Faith is often found at the feet of failure,because trust is often found at the feet of brokenness,because Jesus can be found and is.

21 days
I have written a poem about loving your enemies. I hope I can find a melody to it today. Writing songs is fun, not publishing them is sad.

24 days
#poem I’ve found gold that grows,a God that knows -and still loves me.I’ve followed Him through desert &Gethsemane.I’ve risen now,with him.

25 days
#poem Run to Father God, and remember…

26 days
#poem I have received a gift. It is so large, I do not know to handle it. But it is also easy, as I understand what to do naturally.

27 days
#poem My mountain is gone.

28 days
I just came back from a smalltown creative christian festival, with songs and poems. I am speechless, thankful and sad.

30 days
#poem On this the best of days. She changed her ways, And he changed his No more peace police

Apr 10
#poem I am calm for He is still. I am active for He is life. I am loving, because God is love.

Apr 10
#poem I don’t need a perfect self, to walk the faith today. I need Father God the Healer, and me, the clay. The rest is up to love.

Apr 10
#poem Weep with the wounded. Sing with the depressed. Bow down to those who in oppression is pressed. Love, let your hands be blessed.

Apr 9
#poem In one thing,I am truly a master – to walk wrong at every crossing. I guess it is the only way I am always certain to bump into Jesus.

Apr 8
#poem For this day I will let you go and be free – but for the rest of our days I will tell you good night, with my hand on your shoulder.

Apr 5
#poem Tell the truth in the morning, while there is still light. Speak the love before sunset, while there is still salt.

Apr 5
#poem #hope The pride of Pharao. The Pride of the Jong-Un. Both falling. And hope to come. But this time, love.

Apr 4
#poem To grow this love to God, and no other fountains. To grow this love from God, and not myself. To grow this love to you & myself alike.

Apr 1
#poem March is marching on… Come, come April One – May will soon become – June will quickly run. July will fly, my heart will die for you.

Mar 31
#poem We tweet a book waiting to be, in a volume to big to be read, in a world that needs loving hands, but is given loving minds instead.

Mar 30
#poem I should be grateful, but I never learned that. I should be sensible, but I never received sense. I should love by now.

By @djhalleu

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