Poem: Jesus is my brother, and I am his

Белая медведица с медвежатами

It was nice to hear now
these words of 
law and grace

It has gotten lonely in here
in my twelve inner cathedrals of
and in my endless walk
in the storms of the desert

I have invited too many people in
that were only images
and even more people
that were only words
and noone

noone that were body.

So it has gotten lonely in here
until I heard the 
angelic song
and the
true preaching
of law and grace

and I meet Christ near the wall again

You know, talking to him, 
never realizing that I am a little boy,
and that I am his brother,
and I am 11
and he is taking me onto his lap

telling me things only I can hear

and I listen to
sounds around.

I can hear the noise of the people!

And it is almost as if I can see the city of 
Its houses and animals and the outskirts of the city, 
the paths and roads,
the whitewashed tombs and the desert
where I have been.

But I am 11. 
And I sit on my brother´s lap.

I am the brother of Christ, and he is mine.
A king and a friend is my brother.

And this is our day of peace,
one of the few days we meet
and I am still,
sitting here.

Written by @djhalleu
June 4th 2013

The poem is a comment to the sermon inspired by Martin Luther called: “God´s two words” by Tullian Tchividjian. Feel free to listen to it.

Liberate 2013 – Tullian Tchividjian from Coral Ridge | LIBERATE on Vimeo.


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