Encouragements Part 1: Brotherly love, the Gospel and real merciful love


Love between christians

Francis points out that “when a person realizes that reciprocal love between Christians is possible and is capable of transforming inter-personal relationships, he or she feels drawn to discover or to rediscover Christ”.




What We’re Saying When We Don’t Mention the Gospel

“One couple attended a church with a conservative bent where the pastor spent the sermon railing against liberal churches and their position on sexuality. The other couple sampled a mainline Protestant church, where the pastor’s message was that we are the “salt and light” just by being ourselves.”




Criterion of judgement is the merciful love

“The humans will be judged for the lack of their humanity “The criterion of judgement is the merciful love. Saint John Chrysostom says that ‘you are not judged because you are a sinner, but because you have not repented for your sins’. You are judged especially for you lack of humanity, namely because you have not been human, namely you had no humanity. … Thus, this judgement does not admit neutrality or indifference towards the sufferance of one’s fellow beings. If you are merciful you are saved, if not you are not saved. This is why some other Holy Fathers, among whom Saint Gregory of Nyssa said, when speaking about the importance of mercy, that the poor are the guardians of the Kingdom of God, severe judges of the unmerciful, severe accusers of the unmerciful and strong defenders of the merciful ones. “


My opinion:
When people see brotherly love among christians the testimony of the church will be restored.


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