Encouragement / The same love from The Father

Noone can take an higher office in church than Christ, which is the head. So why do you try to lift your ‘church party’ up to be ‘truth’.

Just because the conservatives held on to false securities, and they were wrong, and their false securities blew up, does it mean that the liberals can claim a higher office than Christ ?

Will we now live on the false securities of one new ‘church party’, and rebuke the Word for testimony alone ? No.

We will love with Christ.

Just as the same love in this generation is called ‘Compassion and Christ crucified’ – it conveys the same message as ‘love and truth’. Because God is love, and Jesus is truth. But ‘truth’ is not ‘truth’, and love is little when not shown.

So therefore, in these times, when two hands of Jesus, one to judge and one to love, both are doing the work of love. Why is that ? Because in times of revival and in special times of mercy, Jesus is hasty to gather his Bride that got scattered, and let away. If that was possible.

So, if you try to test the times, or stand on the wall as a watchman. Beware, when the sun goes up, that The Father comes with more grace you can handle, and the same love as in past, as today as He will show forever.

Halvard Lund
Theology student

April 4th, 2014


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