Values of Peacegiving

Peacegiving is the giving of peace, in any way you can.

Peacegiving is the acts of peace, while you are waiting on good news.

Peacegiving is following the Prince of Peace, they way he wants to be followed, fully and truly.

Peacegiving is creating peace, involving religion, even conservative religion, even thinking holistically about preaching Christ through every good thing possible.

IMG_0383 - versjon 2

Why do we have cultural conflicts among those who want peace ?

Too few teachers
Why does even the doers of good fight among themselves ? Maybe there are too few voices and too few teachers. So, when the given image of what is “kindness” or “goodness is to small. Is it not enough to do good, in order to be considered good ? So. Do not limit the teaching, in the way that f.ex. one culture, people or religion is excluded.

A musicality of globalisms, instead of just one globalism
Why does people oppose teaching which is deemed good, f.ex. human rights ? And can they be right ? If we cannot make one globalism work, we might need a musicality of globalisms, instead of too simplified globalisms that becomes a thorn for people who happen to be religious.

Neverending doings of peace
We must not stop doing good, while we are quarelling among eachother, the different political views. We know that we agree on 10 % – let us then never stop to do those 10 %. And if we agree on 90 % let us conserve those.

Module-based & holistic
In churches and in christian organizations we must recognize when we must work holistically when creating peace and preach the good news. And also have the openness to work in modules, and recognize different political stanzas withing the christian communities, and seperating Ceasar from Christ. But then again to recognize that we work together, and God is outside of us, and we worship him in our mission to the world.

Balance upholding peace against radical or politicized human rights
The centre needs to be upheld. And applying more and more radical theory or secular phariseeism against conservative measures does not help to uphold the centre. To uphold the centre is different than upholding the status quo. Example: To provide housing and jobs and food is more important than having an all-secular society.

Peacegiving is to follow the Holy Spirit where the Holy Spirit leads, even though we might not all be Mother Teresa.

Halvard Lund
May 10th 2014


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