Between Orwell and the adventist church lies Sweden

Judging from the recent actions from the swedish broadcaster and the Lutheran Church of Sweden, Svenska Kyrkan, a moderate view on the crisis would be as follows:

The swedish church is hanging in a loose thread by the elitists running wild. They do not know what to do, so they become a fusion of an orwellian society and an end times cult.

Without protest, they allow the swedish television company to attack their ministers, and then they fire them. All after a tv show, where svt goes in to the holiest room in the church, the confession room, and violates it and turn it into an episode of Big Brother.

Not only this. They are convinced they are chosen and above other christians, with their ‘struggle’ against forces of social evil. In in this they construct the threefold:

A truly secular “church of the voting”.

The fearful church of Orwell.

An end times cult.

Why ?

This is not the message of compassion. This is not the compassionate Christ.
This is not the message of unity. This is not the Christ that unifies.
This is not the Jesus of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, because they do not combine the tradition of yesterday, what God does today, and the hope and future of Christ coming.

Congratulations, Sweden. You have established a new religion ! Celebrate! This is a helpless and unloving use of any law.

Halvard Lund,

Sources in english:

Priest collared for ‘correcting’ gays remark


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