A fool for love on the first of April

AprilSome of us wont find love until grandma helps us pick a woman. Or maybe we are slow, but listen up. April´s Fools Day may be a gift from above for those out of love.

1. Rule one: Both can ask

The woman can ask the man and the man can ask the woman.

2. Rule two: Both can cancel as soon as the question is out there. Or concur

Man: A date…
Woman: .. is a fruit from the Middle East.
Man: You’ve earned your points, now retreat in glory.

Woman: How would you feel if you took me out on a Fool’s Day?
Man: As the luckiest man alive ?

Or they might concur.

3. Rule three: The date can easily be converted to a Folly date at any time

This gives an easy way out. It also feels naturally for the man, to make love into a big joke. Be wary of true feelings.

4. Rule four: You can even deny it was a date

Woman: Was that a date ? You are kidding ? We were only fooling around !
Man: He he. Yeah, good thing you see things like I do.

5. Rule five: If you are desperate enough, you can try to win her with sympathy

Man: I never knew it was April Fools Day. Now, I have ordered 4 bunnies for adoption, and I kinda need for you to be their mommy! Or else my house might burn down or Grandma might stop helping me washing my flat (if I don’t ask you again.)

This is the cute version of: ‘Will you be the mother of my babies ? ‘
This is a question that seldom works on the first date.

6. Rule six: One sided love may still have a chance if you tell anyone you have been on the date, and allow them to give advices, ..

… and the magic words of Grandma kicks in:

Me: After the April fool date, I do not think she is the one for me.
Grandma: But your date has great legs, don’t she ?

And that just might be enough.

Written by

Halvard Lund


April 1st, 2015


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