A challenge towards philosopher Leucippus and randomness

‘Nothing occurs at random, but everything for a reason and by necessity.’

Leucippus fl. 5th century bc, Greek philosopher.

This wrote Leucippus. What can those think, those who hold on to the Nicene Creed and tries to understand the world around us, so we can show both charity and hope ?

We must always be brave enough to discern and admit that we do not know why things happen. History and present are so condensed matters that no one can fully understand them, at least not one person.

Maybe we are thrown into history ? Maybe there are simple things and things that are too simplified by human thought. Maybe there are complex things that would be destructive for us if we simplify them ? Yet we will always need to bow down to idols, fully functioning worldviews and those who seek to govern us by ‘terror or by charm’. This is one of the ways of the world and the way of division.

But the Lord is one, and he does not seek to charm us wrongfully or to terrorize us.


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