Your life is important now

Your life is important now. Not only later, when you achieved even the smallest of goals you have.

Your life is important now. Not only when you have succeeded, but also if you failed.

Your life is important if all you did in life was to fail, and even wanted it. Yes, even if it was the purpose of your life to be a failure, you would now have succeeded. And then, we both know:

Your life is important, and it is important now.

Your future is important, it is important, but not as important as this day, if you jump through it or dread the past and drag yourself through it. Your future is important, but future can wait.

The woven veil of today is not done, and you can allow yourself to rest.

You can allow yourself to rest, because you are invited into a feast.

The letter says peace and the feast will not end, but there will be hardships which probably is beyond the fairytales. Probably you would not want to go, if you knew the path. But you do not need to want to go, you can want to love.

So, the path is important now, the way you travel.

And the third thing, the truth. They punished you with the truth, didn´t they ? They gave you the letter of the law, but they did not show you his face.

He is the one that needs to be followed, by you.

“Follow me”, is what He says. But who is He ?

He is the One that tells you your life is important now. And then he invites you to the feast. And then into his kingdom. And even though it is so small, you would not mistake it for a fairytale, because you do not live in a otherworld destiny, the things around you are pressing so hard, that you can hardly believe everything is planned. There is so much suffering, and the world is not a fairytale. The world is real.

It is not all planned. Your life is important now, and so is he who calls you by name.

Your name is important now. And today maybe it is enough that you just heard his name.

And if you want, you could call the name of Jesus Christ. And he would listen.

Not that He would not listen to you tomorrow. But, maybe you have known him for years, and still you don´t believe that he is God of today, but only for tomorrow. When you have finished the ritual of condemning yourself or others.

Come to him.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28IMG_7588


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