3 ways to loose christian leaders and your church

From a serviceminded-church to a clerical church

Given the latest winds, and seeing how those who most eager to serve is actually leaving the church for house churches. There will be no continuity to the next generation of leaders. Though God will always raise them up, it will be another crisis for the church, if not taken seriously, the results may be as follow.

From a volunteer model to a paid model

What we could left with is this, we need to hire all the workers. There will be no volunteers, and those who are volunteers now, even those are likely to be burned out in a few years.

From a social justice church and back to a individualist-commercial church

At the heart of the revival is, the charity of Christ as we see in Luke 6:36 will save the church from death. Until people awaken to this door of life, they might do 2 things:

a) They will keep attacking their friends, brothers and sisters for holding unto core christian beliefs as the value of prayer, in the belief that they are fighting “traditionalism.”

b) They will keep attacking their friends, brothers and sisters for holding unto the unity of the church, distrusting even the Lord´s supper.

If they do not come together. And as the first group, who is vigerously fighting anything old, will get exactly what they fear most:

a) a church where everyone will demand pay for teaching or serving in church

b) a church where the individual will demand their individualist faith to be preached, if they do not get paid

This choice will be the death of the protestant church

And the only choice then will be to join the moderate-to conservative catholic understream. Which would be the opposite of what was intended, but a result of the attitudes of reaction and instant excommunication of “moderate christians”.

The best choice would be to go into the door of life, offered by Pope Francis, combining the truthful revival of social justice with the charity of Luke 6:36. This is a door for all christians, and a door away from secterianism.

And then dare to trust what is on the other side of the door.

For the sake of the future of christian ministry, stop fighting among eachother.

This choice will be the life of the worldwide church.

Halvard Lund

May 10th



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