…of this I am not willing…

The establishing of a naive, european conservative-moderate position in Politics, after all other hopes as failed.
You can lean forward, and be counted as one of the cults, after which words you use, and then put in prison, the prison of thought or prison of stone. Neglect reason.
You can lean forward, act – trying to be moderate, and then be put in two jails at the same time. Neglect emotion.
You can imagine that the quote attributed to Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” can be played with and used by anyone or any cult. No,it can´t, it only applies if the fruits is good over time. Doesn´t it ? Neglect humanity.
And then you can do what is most scary, what is most terrible, what all people are tempted doing, to lean back and let joy and love and kindness and goodness and solidarity destroy itself.
But of this i am not willing!!!
But of this i am not willing!!!

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